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A business consultant and an actor walk into a b(ar)usiness...

Our mission

Societies and workplaces need an enormous shift in the way people relate to one another in order to truly thrive. Empatiko emerged to be a catalyst for a cultural shift from disengaged to deeply connected.  We’re an organization driven by progressive ideas and bold actions.

Personal inspiration from the founders


Meg Mateer

Two of the most profound experiences in my life were my own experience with depression and being connected with my brother while he experienced psychosis. At that time, I wanted to have a space where these stories could be shared and the meaning behind them explored.


I started meeting many other people who had similar experiences of hardship, loss, despair, confusion and no way to see that most likely many of their colleagues, friends and family shared these feelings. 

I sensed just how little space society had for difference and discomfort. Despite how common they were, these experiences were put in the margins of society. 

I founded Empatiko to be an open, curious space. I'm dedicated to develop experiences where people can explore and share their untold, marginalized stories. 

We are committed to...

  1. Promoting self-awareness, responsibility and playfulness.

  2. Cultivating diversity as a catalyst for learning and growth rather than a source of potential disconnection.

  3. Creating open and safe spaces together to share and become aware of ourselves through others.

  4. Crafting a new way of viewing pain, grief, trauma and mental illness, from pathology to complex experiences that provide wisdom, insights and meaning. 

  5. Assisting human development to elicit the extraordinary potential of people.

Meet the Team

Meg Mateer

Meg is a former consultant with an educational background in cultural psychology. She applies business innovation processes to enhance the human side of organizations and improve group behavior.  She emphasizes the importance of diversity and thinking outside of the box in creating sustainable positive change.

Grazyna Frackiewicz

Grazyna is a theater practitioner, philosopher and workshop facilitator. She combines acting exercises with developmental psychology and improv techniques. In her work she focuses on playfulness and curiosity, proposing acting training as a study of the human being, connection with the self and with others and ultimately as a tool to create connected communities.

Oryx is a leader in the international mental health consumer / survivor / ex-patient or mad pride movement. Oryx is the Chief Operating Officer of the National Empowerment Center (NEC). Oryx is the co-producer and is a subject in an award-winning documentary called Healing Voices. 

Oryx Cohen
Sven Unik - ID

Sven Unik-id is a conceptual artist and designer. Sven's work is closely related to the idea of "identity" and is often connected to people’s vulnerability and resilience.

Mark has spent the majority of his career working in healthcare in finance, strategy and operations roles. He is passionate about improving healthcare delivery across many dimensions, including patient provider experience, outcomes, preventative and proactive care. To do so, he focuses on working with innovative organizations leading the way. 

Mark Harris

Jess is a studied social worker in New York City. She has been working in the mental health field for almost 6 years at a supportive community called Fountain House. Her experience navigating the healthcare system as an advocate has contributed to her daily mission of challenging convention and fostering empathy within our world.

Jess Connie
New York
Robert Nikkel

Robert is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Public Psychiatry Training Program at Oregon Health and Science University. He was the State of Oregon’s commissioner for both mental health and addictions from 2003-2008. He is the director of the Mad in America Continuing Education project and a member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care.

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