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emotional leadership

to support organizational and industry transformations

It is the quality of relationships that determines the success of an organization.

Are office politics and hierarchy are getting in the way of getting things done? Are people hoarding their knowledge rather than sharing it? Is management controlling teams rather than empowering them? Is continuous feedback avoided? Are people walking on eggshells and leaving large elephants in the room? Is decision making a slow and arduous process? 

We help companies deliver successful transformations by building emotional leadership capacity to drive innovation and change.


Here are some of the challenges we help companies address: 

Organizational Transformation

Manage the interpersonal side of organizational change when transitioning to lean, agile, digital, data transformations.

Rapid growth/ reorganization

Navigate the emotional growing pains of scaling up. Co-create new rules of the game when new leadership or management steps in. 

Connection Reboot

Invite your team to take responsibility, speak the unspoken, manage conflict, own mistakes and move foward from setbacks.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

Facilitate dialogue and cooperation across silos or industries to extract insights  from all sides.

This is how we do it

What makes our approach stand out from the rest: 

Experiential Learning

Our sessions are highly interactive and dynamic. We focus on holistic learning through practice and experimentation. In addition, we involve participants actively in co-creating solutions to your challenges.


Performance increases significantly when people feel they have influence and autonomy over what they do. We boost intrinsic motivation, leaving your employees ready to proactively take on new company challenges.

Human Connection

Our style of facilitating invites honest, authentic and serious exchange that strengthens the bonds between your employees and catalyzes practical next steps for improvement.

We've worked with

What participants say

The Empatiko experience was eye-opening. I learned more about myself and more about others. The clever design of having everyone participate at the same time allowed me to step out of my comfort zone in a comfortable way! Great experience!


Neal, Philadelphia USA