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Building organizational culture from the ground up

Culture is not a given.

People shape it every day. Culture - how we connect, interact, exchange ideas, argue and celebrate victories is essential for thriving societies. Our workshops and consulting services provide a process for our clients to critically examine organizational culture and design actionable solutions that change collective behavior from the bottom up. To do so, we combine innovation processes like design thinking and lean startup with improv comedy to inspire creativity and spontaneous action.

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Ingredients for a thriving culture:

  1. Brave Honesty - empowering courageous transparent communication.

  2. Curiosity & Openness - inviting mutual exploration to stimulate growth.

  3. Diversity - cultivating unique skills and passions, bridging silos.

  4. Bold Creativity - encouraging creative problem solving across organizations and communities.

  5. Focus and Clarity - giving people the time and head space to generate ideas.

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Our workshops

We design experiences that empower your employees to design and execute organizational culture shifts themselves. As a result, they not only support the change but take ownership and co-create what needs to happen. Additionally, along the way, they learn innovative collaboration processes and tools that they can implement in their everyday work.

10 participants | 6 lunch meetings | 6 evening workshops

online resources | group accountability

One Day Workshops

Boost team and company spirit with our focused workshops

These dynamic workshops target behavior change and empowerment through people taking personal responsibility. The four featured programs cover priority challenges that many companies face. We also develop custom programs for specific needs.

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Designing Culture Shifts

A four week program to boost organizational culture where participants design and execute behavior shifts for teams and departments.

10-20 participants | 4 full day workshops | online resources 

This workshop brings your vision for a new company culture into action.

Six Pack

A six week program to jump start personal growth and workforce community building

10 participants | 6 lunch meetings | 6 evening workshops

online resources | group accountability

Each week participants are challenged to explore and shift individual habits on on a variety of themes in order to thrive. 

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How else we can help you shape your culture


Social Interaction Design

We design social nudges to connect people to your mission and vision. From conversation starting cards to interaction installations, we help you intentionally create your gathering.

  • We design social hacks for conferences to create spontaneous invitations for connection and networking.

  • We help bridge silos in co-working communities and organizations by designing intentional organic opportunities for conversation.


Consulting Services

We help you analyze your current organizational, departmental, or team behaviors and identify pain points and areas of focus. We combine interviews, observation, and surveys to help you get an accurate picture of your current situation.

Based on this assessment, we identify opportunities for operational change. Then we engage your employees across levels and departments  to implement possible solutions.

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