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Crafting community for human flourishing

Our projects

To create system change individuals must feel empowered, have the right knowledge and tools, that is why we organize powerful community building and personal develompment workshops open to public for free. We also design social experiments, inviting people to step outside of their default mode and shift social patterns that are not serving society. Check out our current projects.

Empatiko Open

A program for cultivating community and challenging the social status quo.

Our community events take place once a month. During these workshop-style sessions, we explore a theme around culture and connection. 

  • Experience exercises based on theater and movement to create physical, emotional and mental awareness on an individual and group level.

  • Gain rich meaning and insights to fears, needs, and beliefs that impact your relationships. 

  • Embrace the freedom and space of giving and receiving attention.

  • Create and trying out your own social experiments (we call them "social hacks") to test out new ways of being in the world.

No upcoming events at the moment

Social hacks for Society

Shake up the status quo in public spaces.

We gather courageous community builders, those who want to disrupt what is ‘normal'. Together, we come up with social hacks for people and public spaces. These manifestations of our mission invite others to creatively connect to one another.


Coming Soon:
Humans Anonymous

A place to hear each others stories.

What if we had an open space where people from different backgrounds and different perspectives came together regularly to support each other and share challenges, questions and dreams?


Want to be a leader in this project?  

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