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Plantage Middenlaan 62, 1018 DH Amsterdam

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Reviving human connection

workshops | community building | consulting

It is the quality of relationships that determines the success of an organization.

Catalyze positive personal development, social (inter)action and culture change within your ecosystem.

Our workshops are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, team or department. Here are some of the topics we help companies address: 

Organizational Transformation

Manage the interpersonal side of organizational change when transitioning to lean, agile, digital, data transformations.

Rapid growth/ reorganization

Navigate the emotional growing pains of scaling up. Co-create new rules of the game when new leadership or management steps in. 

Connection Reboot

Invite your team to take responsibility, speak the unspoken, manage conflict, own mistakes and move foward from setbacks.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

Facilitate dialogue and cooperation across silos or industries to extract insights  from all sides.

This is how we do it

What makes our approach stand out from the rest: 

Experiential Learning

Our sessions are highly interactive and dynamic. We focus on holistic learning through practice and experimentation. In addition, we involve participants actively in co-creating solutions to your challenges.


Performance increases significantly when people feel they have influence and autonomy over what they do.  We boost intrinsic motivation, leaving your employees ready to proactively take on new company challenges.

Human Connection

Our style of facilitating invites honest, authentic and serious exchange that strengthens the bonds between your employees and catalyzes practical next steps for improvement.

We've worked with

What participants say

The Empatiko experience was eye-opening. I learned more about myself and more about others. The clever design of having everyone participate at the same time allowed me to step out of my comfort zone in a comfortable way! Great experience!


Neal, Philadelphia USA

Our services

Workshop Design and Facilitation

Our programs deliver an experiential learning process, empowering participants to take responsibility over their situation and develop human skills applicable to both work and personal environments. As a result of our workshops, participants will get outside of their default mode and get into action.

Social Interaction Design for Community Building

How your people connect is essential for success. However, often there are few opportunities to make this happen and those that do exist take too much time away from the daily to-dos. We design custom solutions that nudge spontaneous connection and enhance office environments, events and gatherings.

Consulting Services

We help you assess your current organizational culture and create a vision for future social dynamics. We can help you identify areas of focus, uncover pain points and develop solutions to translate your desired culture into routine social interaction. 

Our focus and mission:

strengthening organizational culture and bridging silos

our business mission

We help organizations become aware of problematic patterns and transform team conflict into opportunities for development. We unlock individual differences to boost departmental resilience. We shift culture through our collaborative experiments called Social Hacks.

cultivating connected communities

our social mission

We humorously critique elements of society and find opportunities for empowerment and social change. We create content, host free workshops and develop public events to create spaces for conversation and positive protest.

Upcoming Events
Gut-wise: unlocking intuitive leadership: 3 day masterclass
Wed, Apr 15
Apr 15, 10:00 AM – Apr 17, 5:00 PM
Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Movement: community building for change managers: 3 day masterclass (1)
Wed, Apr 15
Apr 15, 10:00 AM – Apr 17, 2:00 PM
Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
We know change is tough...turbulence and instability, role transitions, engaging diverse stakeholders, power struggles, are all part of your daily job. Learn how to build a movement for your change project, applying community-building principles to transform your organization.
Design Thinking for Mental Health Change Leaders: 3 day masterclass
Wed, May 20
May 20, 9:00 AM – May 22, 5:00 PM
Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Want to be part of transforming the mental health system? In this interactive workshop, you and other change leaders will learn how to empathize with different stakeholders, identify system challenges, and design practical solutions. Turn your frustrations into project ideas and bring them to life!
Lead like a coach - a 2-day masterclass for managers
Thu, Jun 04
Jun 04, 9:00 AM – Jun 05, 5:00 PM
Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
These days, companies are realizing the power of a leader is not in having all of the answers or strictly managing a process, but in asking the right questions and engaging the team. Introducing, the power of coaching in leadership!
Human-Centered Design for HR: 3 day masterclass
Wed, Jun 10
Jun 10, 9:00 AM – Jun 12, 5:00 PM
Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Learn how to apply the design thinking process to build a strong company culture, develop organizational and team structure, and redesign HR processes and services.