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The backbone of innovation: authentic and inclusive collaboration.

As a consultant, I've seen many companies that have gotten stuck in the rut of cultural routine. Despite the enthusiasm and passion of individuals to make a difference and to come up with new solutions for the organization, many times what stands in the way is an overall underlying feeling that people should stay "in the box" and therefore many do not take the risks necessary to innovate. Companies began to notice the importance of breaking down physical barriers between departments and hierarchies in order to facilitate diverse connection and spontaneous ideation and, as a result, many have created open floor plans and flexible work spaces. However, unless the company is authentically connected within teams, across departments, and with its customers, it is very hard to tap into the power of diverse collaboration.

Empatiko is a new global movement that celebrates difference, cultivates authenticity, awakens curiosity, and expands the ways in which we connect with each other. Our programs build an important foundation of connection for successful diverse collaboration. 

We achieve our vision by facilitating an experience of stepping outside of the box. What do we mean by this specifically? 

1. Meeting and being in relation to people that are different from ourselves. Growing together through our differences and rediscovering the value of difference.

2. Looking within ourselves and our connections for wisdom, not outside of them.

Discovering and challenging our learned beliefs and wider paradigm in order to take back our own agency and freedom in the world.

3. Literally trying new ways of being / connecting.

Empatiko for Business helps organizations be more human (everything else will be automated). Interested in learning more or having a pilot program at your company? Send me an email at | | Amsterdam

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